MaxPower UPS


Xtreme Power XVT Series


  • Line Interactive Technology
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • User Replaceable Batteries
  • More protection than Stand-by technology
  • More cost effective than on-line technology
  • 2 year electronics warranty

Xtreme Power XPRT Series


  • True On-Line Technology
  • Tower Rackmount or Wallmount
  • Load Shedding Capabilities
  • LCD Display
  • Multiple Communication Capabilities
  • Emergency Power Off Switch (EPO)
  • Input Power Factor greater than .97
  • 3 year electronics warranty

Gamatronics Series


  • Three-Phase UPS
  • Scaleable from 101-100kVA enables UPS growth with exapnding needs
  • Hot Plug, Hot Swap enables 10kVA modules to be added or swapped without interruption or bypass
  • 10kVA modules are lightweight and only 2U high
  • Modular system allows cost effective N+1 or N+2 redundancy
  • 94% AC-AC efficiency rating
  • Input Current THD <5%
  • Input Power Factor .99
  • 2 year electronics warranty

Herytage Ferroresonant


  • Constant Power Protection
  • Filters & Cleans incoming power without using your batteries
  • Saves Battery Life through voltage regulation
  • Bi-directional Harmonic Filters preent load generated harmonics from reaching electrical systems
  • Regulates Power - tolerance of +/-3%
  • 3 year electronics warranty

MaxTrax Power Distribution
Power Outlet Busway


  • Power Track allows you to put outlets where YOU need them
  • Scalable - purchase & install only what you need
  • Prevents moving equipment or calling electrician for outlet needs
  • EASY installation - twist & lock into track
  • Easy to install track, end feed units with or without breaker
  • Wide Variety of individually fused, plug-in receptacles
  • 40A, 60A, 100A available
  • 208V & 480V availab
  • Single & Three Phase available
  • Track available in 5' 10' and 20'

Portable Cooling Unit


  • Redundant A/C System
  • Compact footprint - 50% smaller than our competitors
  • Rackmount, stackable, ceiling mount, portable
  • Fits in standard 19" rack and only needs 13U
  • UL Listed to be hung from ceiling plenums
  • Auto Restart Function for power outages
  • Draws less than 8 amps in most applications
  • Operates on 115V
  • Generator Friendly

Maintenance Bypass
Panels or Cabinets 30-500kVA

Cabinet Features:

  • Smaller footprint and can be used with any brand of UPS
  • 408-208/120V step down transformer with electrostatic shield
  • Includes Mechanical Lock between MBS breaker & UPS output breaker
  • Standard Top & Side cable entry

Panel Features:

  • 208V MBS for UPS's from 10-225kVA
  • 480V MBS for UPS's from 10-500kVA
  • 2-3 breaker configurations
  • Auxiliary contact, Key interlocks and Output breakers available
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