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We provide products and services to handle all of your power related needs.

  • Emergency Back Up Power Equipment - We carry Toshiba, Powerware, GE, LTI, Cyberex and other manufacturers UPS systems as well as a line of home and business generators to keep your business protected during brown outs, power outages or even the costly damage that can occur from simple spikes or sags in your power.
  • Batteries & UPS service - We provide VRLA, NiCAD and Wet Cell batteries, battery systems and our servcie team can replace or install these products.  You will want to protect the investment you make in your UPS equipment with regular maintenance and service agreements with our trained service department.
  • Battery Monitoring System & Managed Service - a battery monitoring system that can offer a manned call center that can alert you 24/7 if there are any emergency issues and lets you know when specific batteries need to be replaced.  This system eliminates the need for diagnostic calls or down time waiting for diagnosis or battery delivery
  • Turn Key Installation - We no only provide the equipment, but can turn key your entire project through installation and start up service with qualified electricians that have extensive experience in these kinds of applications.
  • Commercial Electricity - Through our energy brokers, we can negotiate the best deal on your electric bills and have saved our client money through better rates, auditing and recovering funds due to errors on previous energy bills and through power factoring

What can we do for you?  Call us at 713-253-2367 and schedule an appointment.

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Cyberex UPS

Guardian Generators

Toshiba 1000 Series
1000 Series is a single phase UPS, available in 1.0kVA, 1.5kVA, 2.0kVA & 3.0kVA. This series offers both the tower and the rack mount design solutions
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